Being succesful with newsletters


From campaign to concept, from text and graphics to dispatch and recipient selection

Performance Email-Marketing

Newsletters and e-mails that thrive

Powerful e-mails

  • A powerful online marketing tool that is in the palm of your hand
  • versatile, also very easy to automate
  • for consumer topics as well as for business communication
  • a central building block in marketing automation

… for your brand(s)

  • I support you in choosing the right email strategy
  • I conceptualise, write, design and send email newsletters
  • I support you in acquiring new recipients
  • I train your team in newsletter marketing

From strategy to dispatch

Email-Marketing and Marketing-Automation



  • Strategies for email campaigns - for consumers (B2C) and business (B2B)
  • Growth strategies for more interaction
  • Building email marketing into the customer journey
  • Recommendations for marketing automation for recurring and trigger-based email campaigns
  • Strategies for acquiring newsletter subscribers


  • Writing and designing emailings
  • Ideas and identification of suitable content in your company
  • Creation of email campaign templates in your brand or corporate design
  • Recommendations for optimal presentation, readability and interaction - including on mobile devices
  • Concepts for acquiring new subscribers


  • Performance analysis of your existing email campaigns and newsletters
  • KPI definitions for performance optimisation
  • A/B testing, streamlined structure, improved incentives (call-to-action)

Email marketing as a powerful tool in your online marketing - I'll support you with it

Connect to get in touch

Isn't email long dead?

Brand communication directly in the prospective customer's mailbox

The dead live longer - this also applies to email.

Email continues to hold its own as the reliable instrument for reaching interested parties and customers directly: It is impossible to imagine ecommerce without email; entire purchasing processes are documented with transactional emails. Even the newsletter, the little sister of the transactional email, reaches interested parties in their inboxes only if they have signed up for the newsletter. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates this, which in turn means that every address on your recipient list is a contact to a person who is interested in your products and services. And this list belongs to you - unlike followers on social media, who disappear into digital nirvana when a platform loses popularity.

Email works in all contexts, for consumer brands as well as B2B brands.


Using email marketing - advantages for your brand

Own the contact

The GDPR-compliant recipient list belongs to your company - no one else.


Design, scope, content: The email can arrive in many different forms - for perfect communication

Strong customer loyalty

You stay in direct contact with your customers and prospects via email. With well-crafted content you bind them to your brand.

Can be automated

A personalised approach or even individual content: Emails can be automatically populated with personalised content - and reach their individual recipients all the better

Easy to handle

Whether explicitly with A/B tests or from campaign to campaign: the performance - the results of changes - is immediately visible



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