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From concept to realisation: landing pages

With SEO-strong implementation for your websites


Content and design that search engines love

Landing pages are the number one currency for organic reach: well prepared, optimally formulated with keywords and balanced, search engines recognise the value of the content for the searcher. The first hurdle has been overcome: SEO-optimised content appears as search results in the results of Google, Bing and Co.

What's more, landing pages are also the linchpin of your digital marketing. Excellent landing pages provide the prospective customer with exactly the information they expect to find here - whether after clicking on an email or an advert on TikTok. This is how you keep this prospective customer on your website. In other words, well-designed landing pages are a strategic part of the customer journey, which is why it is worth making targeted investments here.

Does your company already use landing pages as part of its digital marketing?

Grow website traffic

Being found on Google, Bing & co

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Professional landing pages for your company

Development of appealing landing pages, ecommerce category pages and informative blog posts to reach potential customers in a targeted manner

PANETTA & CO. supports your company in digital marketing with many years of experience, professional expertise and, last but not least, commitment and enthusiasm for your products and services.


Website landing pages

Use cases for various market segments

Concept, text and design of use cases and presentations for sales (in English) for internal use. Preparation of the presentations initially prepared as PDF content as interactive landing pages, taking into account SEO requirements.

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SEO content and campaigns

Versatile multi-use landing pages

As part of a project to increase online sales of rentals and vouchers, I supported a medium-sized cinema group with email marketing campaigns. At the heart of these campaigns were landing pages that were also SEO-optimised.

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Ecommerce landing pages

Category pages for Velonista Cycle Chic

The aim is to build organic reach in search engines through SEO-optimised category pages for search term combinations for female target groups. Many of these keyword combinations were ranked number 1 in Google searches.

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My commitment to your brand on the web

Engage me for your digital marketing

With PANETTA & CO. you can get the precise support you need for your team. Depending on the project and situation, you can hire me as a freelancer, as an agency or as an interim manager.


Boost digital marketing with landing pages - with the support of PANETTA & CO.:
  • professional co-operation
  • clear understanding of the task
  • fast results
  • calculable payment
  • wealth of experience from various industries
  • proven resilience


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