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I support your brand

  • for strategic questions
  • to identify sources for continuous content
  • in the creative realisation
  • in the management of external staff or teams

experienced with commitment

  • I use social media intensively myself, including new platforms
  • I am enthusiastic about the content and topics of my customers
  • I never run out of ideas, the possibilities inspire me

Impactful social media communications

from my clients' projects

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SEA.AI Machine Vision for Safety at Sea

Brand Design
on Social Media

The Austrian-French start-up was given a rebranding that had to be implemented in all media. As part of a project, I adapted the brand design to social media, prepared guidelines and managed external agencies.

SEA.AI on Instagram

Velonista Cycle Chic

Branded Content for Instagram

Velonista is an online shop for fashionable bicycle accessories. The Instagram channel conveys the joy of cycling as a part of everyday life. Content, design and the overall strategy were created by me.

Velonista on Instagram

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From strategy to publishing

Social Media Portfolio


Social Media Strategy

  • Social media strategies for your brand(s)
  • Content strategies for your brand communication on social media
  • Definition of promising content formats
  • Growth strategies for more followers, more interaction
  • Social media as an ecommerce channel
  • Role of social media / owned media in the marketing funnel
  • Social media for B2B use

Social Media Content

  • Ideation for content and suitable formats for regular publication
  • Content creation: concept and design of social media posts, videos, reels, photo series
  • Identification of in-house content
  • Support for internal teams in the design of social media content
  • Maintenance of social media profiles, regular publication as agreed, community management, user interaction

Social Media Performance

  • Performance analysis of your existing social media channels, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube
  • KPI analysis of content, reach and interaction
  • Benchmark analysis of relevant competitors
  • Funnel analysis: contribution of social media to user behaviour on websites and online shops

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Why social media?

Brand communication on your own channels

Many companies are put off by the high costs associated with maintaining their own social media profiles. Is it even worth it? Yes, it is worth it! To name just a few aspects: User behaviour is changing - in some target groups, we encounter users who first search for the brand on social media and not in a search engine. It would be negligent to ignore this potential. Potential applicants for vacancies are also more interested in companies that are present on social media: Employer branding benefits quite strongly from social media.

But what happens to all the reach created when users move on and find their home on a new platform? The last decade shows: Large established platforms remain, the users are just distributed differently. While Facebook is still used by the generation born up to 1980, Instagram no longer has the youngest users and TikTok is not exclusively frequented by young people.

Which social media channels are suitable for your brand therefore depends on the target group you want to reach. A second aspect is the type of content that your brand can communicate: not every type of content is equally suitable for every social medium. A clever social media strategy contributes to brand awareness, user loyalty and brand image.Whether your brand also produces and publishes its own content or ‘only’ places adverts on social media (‘paid social’) is part of the social media strategy.

Whichever strategy you choose: Social media has the potential to present your brand in a lively and true-to-life way - this applies equally to consumer brands and B2B brands.


Using social media - benefits for your brand

Organic reach

Reach the people who are enthusiastic about your products and services on your own channels

Involved follower

Followers want to interact with ‘their’ brands - social media is the ideal place for this

Being approachable

On social media, the brand can enter an authentic dialogue about what is behind the products, how responsibility is practised and who the people behind the brand are

User Generated Content

Social media is the place where users show what they are doing with their favourite brands. This is where the brand itself must be involved in the dialogue

Being found

Search engines are one way to find what you are looking for. This also applies to social media: Is the brand present there and can it be found? Yes, it should be!



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