Photo of Roxana Panetta, Marketing & Branding Expert

About me

Roxana Panetta

Qualified strategic communications manager (university diploma) - branding expert - communications strategist

Successfully working for brands from A for Airbus to Z for ZMM since 2007. I founded my company, PANETTA & CO. GmbH, was founded in 2008 and today I am the sole owner.

Core competence

Branding & Marketing

Whoever hires me for their marketing needs gets a capable marketing all-rounder with a results-orientated hands-on mentality for these topics:

  • Marketing measures: Analysis > Conception > Implementation
  • Branding: brand strategy, brand communication, branded content, brand storytelling
  • Addressing target groups from B2B to B2C to D2C
  • Content creation - text (print, digital, SEO), design, graphics, videos
  • Customer journey strategies and implementation on owned media, paid media, earned media
  • Creative direction / management of external agencies and freelancers

Analytical + creative

Absolutely versatile

I slip into different roles in marketing for my clients: creative in the conception and realisation of measures, analytical in the planning of strategic brand goals, enthusiastic in the guidance of teams. Pragmatic, forward-looking, results-orientated.


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Knowledge base

Lifelong learning

After graduating from high school and studying at the University of the Arts (Social and Business Communication - GWK) with A Grades, I continue to learn - in client projects and in my own side ventures. My skills are now extremely wide-ranging and also extend into related areas such as ecommerce, data science and coding.


My way of working

I am characterised by a strong combination of analytics & creativity, a results-oriented way of working, resilience, a high level of comprehension and enthusiasm. I find it easy to familiarise myself very quickly with a wide range of topics and tasks.

Depending on the current project, I lead teams of three to five members, usually made up of designers, copywriters and front-end developers.

Qualities I bring to every project


love the solution
hands-on thinker
fast worker
fully committed
curiosity for the complex
fluent in 5 languages
love for presenting
eye for trends

What can I do for your brand?

Committed to your cause

I am a Senior Marketing Professional with 20 years of professional experience in marketing and branding. An asset that you can dedicate 100% to your brand.

Depending on the context, I work on an interim basis as part of the team with assigned day-to-day tasks (remote or on-site) or freelance (I manage a project on my own) or as an agency (I manage larger projects and campaigns with my network of other freelancers). With my own limited company and a completed status assessment procedure that clearly recognises me as self-employed, the course is set for a legally secure assignment in your company.

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